About Us

The Carmelite Missionary Sisters, who came from Italy in order to work with the immigrants in Canada, founded St. Alphonsus Child Care Centre in March 1967. ​Their goal at the time was to provide working parents a place to keep their young ones in a safe and caring environment that could allow the children to learn and play alongside peers and positive role models. ​To this day St. Alphonsus Child Care Centre continues to demonstrate those same values. We promote healthy and positive interactions and believe in play-based learning and want children to take the lead of their own discoveries. We do this by following Emergent Curriculum and providing the children with developmental and age appropriate curriculum.  

Our Philosophy

St. Alphonsus Child Care Centre aspires to:

  • Guide each child to express their uniqueness by learning new things each day while having fun.
  • Create childhood memories that are filled with fun, warmth, security, exploration and discovery.
  • Nurture and encourage the creative and receptive qualities in the children who attend our centre. 
  • Believe that each child should have the freedom in expressing themselves and should be encouraged to do so. 
  • Promote teacher-child interactions, yet also see the benefits of social contact among the children themselves. 
  • Believe that each child is a protagonist and must take lead on their learning while we, as educators, are there to help guide them on their journey.